Empowered Birth & Postpartum Recovery

An 8-week course for the third trimester that will help you stay strong physically, get mentally prepared for birth and rock your postpartum recovery.

  • Physically Strong & Open

    Move your body and relieve typical pregnancy aches and pains with empowering prenatal yoga & self-care practices. Learn to trust your breath and body working together. Practice a range of very doable yoga and self-care practices you love doing (no more excuses!)

  • Mentally Calm & Positive

    Feel calm and confident before and during birth. Learn how your body works so you cultivate a deep belief in your ability to birth. Create a birth plan with you at the center. Feel mentally positive about your birth through visualizations. Develop an understanding with your partner about your respective roles in your birth.

  • Emotionally Balanced & Free of Anxiety

    Get to the root of your anxieties and fears around birth, whether it’s about pain, life after birth, siblings, or specific birth concerns. Surround yourself with positivity and learn practices to maintain a balanced, positive mindset. Find the language you need to talk to your doctor and have an understanding of what to expect of your doctor.

  • Energetically Connected to Your Inner Strength

    Work through the chakras over 8 weeks as a foundation for discovery of the areas that might be holding you back from your dream birth. Learn both "on the mat" and "off the mat" practices that will help you connect powerfully to your inner strength and wisdom.

  • Prepared for Postpartum Recovery & Restoration

    Decrease your chances for postpartum depression with practices during pregnancy that boost self-care. Establish a supportive network at home that will truly help you transition into motherhood. Put ancient Ayurvedic practices to work in practical ways so you can restore your energy and physical body holistically postpartum.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Week 1: Introduction & Prep Week
    • Welcome! (7 min 28 sec)
    • What to Expect & Prepare to Succeed (23 min 26 sec)
    • Prep Week Checklist
    • Limited time: Get your Free Passion Planner!
  • 2
    Week 2: Your Empowered Mindset
    • 2.1 Introduction (1:39)
    • 2.2 Yoga as a time-tested method (4:38)
    • 2.3 Preparing for Birth Your Way (4:43)
    • 2.4 How Do You Know? (3:28)
    • 2.5 On the Mat: Discovering the Chakras and Aligning your Body and Energy
    • 2.6 Off the Mat: Writing Your Desire
    • 2.7 Week 2 Affirmations
  • 3
    Week 3: Grounding
    • 3.1 The Root Chakra--Laying the Foundation with a Home Practice (7.5 minutes)
    • 3.1.1 The Root Chakra At a Glance (PDF)
    • 3.2 On the Mat: 15-minute Grounding Sequence - Intro (4.5 minutes)
    • 3.3 On the Mat: 15-minute Grounding Sequence (with Downloadable PDF)
    • 3.4 Off the Mat: Fun Ways to Get Grounded During Pregnancy
    • 3.5 Checklist: The ​10 Keys to Getting Started With--And Sustaining--A Home Yoga Practice
    • 3.6 Week 3 Affirmations
    • 3.7 End Of Week Reflection
  • 4
    Week 4: Releasing Fears & Opening to Pleasure
    • 4.1 The Sacral Chakra--Releasing Fears and Opening to Pleasure
    • 4.1.1 The Sacral Chakra At a Glance (PDF)
    • 4.2 On the Mat: 15-minute Gentle Yoga Practice
    • Off the Mat: :Eliminating Energetic "Clutter" and Opening to Receive
    • Week 4 Affirmations
    • End of Week Reflection
  • 5
    Week 5: Awakening
    • 5.1 Solar Plexus Chakra: Getting the Birth You Want
    • 5.1.1 The Solar Plexus Chakra At a Glance
    • 5.2 On the Mat: 15-minute Awakening Sequence
    • 5.3 Off the Mat: Fact-Finding For Your Birth
    • 5.4 Off the Mat (Bonus): Mandalas for Your Sacred Passage into Motherhood
    • 5.5 Week 5 Affirmations
    • 5.6 End of Week Reflection
  • 6
    Week 6: Loving
    • 6.1 The Heart Chakra: Birthing From Love
    • 6.2.1 On the Mat: 19-minute Heart-opening Sequence
    • 6.2.2 On the Mat: (Pranayama) Guided Breath Practices for Pregnancy and Birth (9 minute Audio)
    • 6.3 Off the Mat: Extreme Self-Care for Pregnancy (and Postpartum)
    • 6.4 Week 6: Affirmations for Pregnancy and Birth - Audio Recording (6 min)
    • 6.5 End of Week Reflection
  • 7
    Week 7: Connecting
    • 7.1 The Throat Chakra: Connecting With Your Partner in Preparation for Birth
    • Off the Mat: (Partner Practice) Hands-On Assists for Labor (17 minutes)
    • Week 7 Affirmations
    • End of Week Reflection
  • 8
    Week 8: Planning
    • 8.1 The Third Eye Chakra & Your "Be the Boss" Birth Plan
    • 8.3 Off the Mat: Conscious Birth Preparation--Your Birth Plan
    • 8.4 Week 8 Affirmations
    • 8.5 End of Week Reflection
  • 9
    Week 9: Visualizing
    • 9.1 Crown Chakra & Visualizing Your Best Birth
    • 9.2 Being In your Birth - Visualization (Intro)
    • 9.3 Being In Your Birth - Guided Visualization
    • 9. 4 Week 9 Affirmation
    • 9.5 End of Week Reflection
  • 10
    Course Evaluation
    • Course Evaluation
  • 11
    Bonus: Preparing for the Postpartum "Sacred Window"
    • Introduction to Postnatal Wellness with Ayurveda
    • Sacred Window Nutrition
    • Restoring Physically Postpartum with Yoga

Make your pregnancy and birth vision a reality.

Overcome fears and anxieties. Prepare your mind, body, emotions and energy for your best birth.

What's Included

You only need one to two hours each week for listening, practicing and completing the assignments. As you progress through the material, you will feel your confidence grow naturally and wholly.

  • Teachings and talks that blend the wisdom of ancient yoga tradition with important modern pregnancy and birth knowledge

  • A 15-minute "on the mat" yoga practice to embody the lesson

  • A 7- to 10-minute guided meditation to help you experience the chakra energy healing

  • A set of "off the mat" activities to bring the teaching into your life

  • A new set of affirmations on the weekly theme to inspire your positive mindset

What Others Have to Say

  • Cannot imagine a pregnancy without this kind of support!

    Crystal Davis

    This will be a long review, because I have a lot to say! I came into this pregnancy with a ton of preconceived ideas about the "traumatic birth process", after witnessing the long and excruciating hospital birth of my twin sister's first little...

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    This will be a long review, because I have a lot to say! I came into this pregnancy with a ton of preconceived ideas about the "traumatic birth process", after witnessing the long and excruciating hospital birth of my twin sister's first little one. Like many women, I had totally bought and sold myself the trauma stories of all the women around me, and knew that needed to change. I am also birthing as a foreign in Italy, without a good grasp of the language, minus my own friends and family - and in a birthing system that is terrifyingly medicalised... total recipe for fear! Nicole's course and personal guidance has changed my life, and absolutely changed the birthing experience for both myself and my soon-to-be-born son. I know without a doubt that regardless of external circumstances, the behaviour of others, or the system I am birthing in, that I am completely in control of the outcomes of my birthing experience. Having the chance to connect in with the course and then also talk personally to Nicole meant that I never felt alone or uneducated about my pregnancy, birthing plans or postpartum period. Nicole was a huge support when I experienced a short bout of prenatal depression, and she even gave support and education to my partner on birth and how we can manage this best as a team. I now find it so weird that we as women are not even explained the proper stages of birth and what hormones we'll experience during them! This course combines those elements of essential knowledge with gentle guidance into inner work and physical wellness. I can't say enough about this course, Nicole's support and depth of knowledge, or the experience I've had with this program. I feel so incredibly lucky to not be one of the women I meet each day who tell me they asked their doctor for a voluntary caesarian so they can "avoid the trauma of birthing". The fact I was able to complete this course from my couch in Italy just blows my mind! Regardless of what comes for me in my birth, after this experience I have complete certainty in my preparation and my ability to birth successfully, peacefully and even with a sense of ecstasy. If you are seeking an empowered birth process, a calm inner state and a reconnection to trust in our own powerful ability to positively birth our children, I recommend you start this course now!

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I wanted to let you know our baby boy was born this Monday morning at 7:48am!!! He was 41 weeks and a day when he arrived and I was able to have him VBAC with my doctor helping me during the pushing part on Monday morning. It was great, I felt like I was in control the whole time and I have to thank you, the program and the amount of information and education on the whole process!!! Laboring is a much more complex, personal and out-of-body experience than people really provide context on, and I feel so excited and happy to have spent the time learning and getting up to speed on the process, so much different out one from my first pregnancy :) Thank you for your guidance, the program, and giving me some context to go further with my practice--I do feel the course study, the yoga and chakra practices, the many park walks and meditation, the additional study on belly dancing for birth and the Ina Gaskin book were really essential to give me the confidence and optimism to try my hardest. -- Marinela

This was my third pregnancy and I was hoping to h