The Devoted Mamas Bump-To-Baby Membership:

Is where expectant mothers like you get the necessary tools and practices to keep your mind calm and your core, pelvic floor and overall body strong and flexible in pregnancy--and set you up for a strong postpartum.

Skip scrolling Instagram, searching the internet or stalking random mom groups to figure out how to piece together all the things you need to feel strong as a mother.

Regardless of whether you are newly pregnant or about to give birth, joining the Devoted Mamas Bump-To-Baby Membership will give you a cohesive program that will support you with on-demand workouts, lifestyle tips, detailed birth preparation + birth recovery strategies, postpartum recovery techniques and postpartum specific pelvic floor and core recovery practices (you can even use during pregnancy).

Join as a member in any stage and get access to ALL of it. 🥳

A Sneak Peek of What's Inside:

You get access to EVERYTHING so you can start wherever you are and stay in control of your motherhood journey.

The Prenatal Club is great for you if:

  • Your OB or midwife has recommended prenatal yoga but you're just not sure what you can and can’t do during pregnancy, and don't want to hurt the baby.
  • You have nagging hip, lower back, or sciatic pain that won't quit and you just want to have a minute of relief.
  • You're craving consistency in a weekly yoga practice, in-the-moment feedback on your form and the ability to have your questions answered live.
  • You're feeling anxious during pregnancy and looking for natural ways to feel calm and clear-headed.
  • You're feeling detached, overwhelmed or shocked by the changes in your body and you want to build your toolbox of practices to help you feel more connected and in control.

The Birth Club is great for you if:

  • You want a direct line to the ESSENTIALS you and your partner need to feel ready for birth -- no matter if your plan is an unmedicated birth, epidural, VBAC or C-section.
  • You want your partner to know how best to support you during the different stages of birth, and what to do if your birth deviates from your plans.
  • You want to walk into your birth feeling experienced, knowing that you’ve fully prepared your mind and body for the marathon of birth (even if this is your first baby!).
  • You are ready to physically prepare for the intensity of birth, learn how to harness the power of your breath, and prep your core and pelvic floor for birth for all phases of labor (including pushing!).
  • You want to know how to plan for speedy postpartum recovery--a holistic "what to expect" and what you can do in advance to prepare for a smooth transition.

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for just $39 / month-to-month.

The Devoted Mamas Bump-To-Baby Membership is totally risk-free. Give it a try, cancel at any time (no need to ask or email us), and come back whenever you want.

Start Practicing NOW!

The Devoted Mamas Bump-To-Baby Membership is totally risk-free. Give it a try, cancel at any time (no need to ask or email us), and come back whenever you want.

The Problem:

Birth is not a finish line.

Far too often, birth is where the world stops focusing on moms. But postpartum is actually where moms need the most support, and pregnancy is the time to set up good practices and your community of support. 

Here’s what usually happens: In pregnancy, you find a great rhythm with a community of support and friendship, and maybe even a workout routine you love. You feel supported and ‘together’ as you get closer to your due date. You make it to your birth and your sweet baby is laying on your chest and it feels like you’ve “made it”...

But let’s be real. At birth, the journey is only beginning.

You don't have to take our word for it. Hear Jill’s Story, whose experience is common for so many mothers:

“Self-care might be the hardest and most essential part of motherhood. After my first child was born, I found myself completely changed--physically and mentally--but didn't have the tools or the energy to navigate those changes.  As a result, I never fully felt recovered and I never reflected on what I needed in the post-partum process.  My second pregnancy was far more physically challenging and during that time, I resolved to do things differently. I just wanted to feel better---stronger, calmer, less consumed by the daily stresses of parenthood, and more inward-focused.  I also really wanted to learn how to ask for what I needed and carve out time for myself, which is something that can seem like a far-fetched luxury with a newborn.  The [Devoted Mamas] program filled all of those needs and more. 

Just like Jill, there’s a good chance you will feel changed through your experience of becoming a mother.

But you don’t have to feel unequipped for managing your pregnancy-through-postpartum wellbeing on your own. 


Even though continuity of care is not a strength of our modern maternal health system, we are determined to support mothers who don't want to be left to figure out postpartum on their own.

Ideally, establishing your foundation for a healthy and full recovery postpartum starts during PREGNANCY.

(and if you’re already postpartum, it’s never too late to start!)

Our mission is to help mothers like you stop trying all the things and wasting your precious energy and start doing practices that will have the biggest impact on creating a positive experience every step of the way - through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

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You'll have immediate access to all the tools you need to have a fit pregnancy and easier birth.

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Moms with positive prenatal and birth experiences + strong postpartum recoveries have 3 things in common…


They prioritize their own well-being.

Many mothers try to be all things to all people, leaving themselves out of the picture. You can use this time to deepen your commitment to your well-being - and train your family to understand that taking care of yourself is a core value. In The Devoted Mamas Membership, you'll make the most of your workouts, birth preparation, and recovery, so you can do both - care for yourself and care for your family.


They show up imperfectly.

This one is HUGE! It’s like we are programmed to believe that if we can’t do something perfectly that we shouldn’t even bother. However, we would never expect perfection from our children the first time they try to ride a bike, right?! So why do we expect it from ourselves when we’re learning something new? In all of our clubs, you’ll develop a massive appreciation for progress because progress is way more motivating than perfection (which doesn’t actually exist). Releasing the perfection grip gives you the freedom to show up consistently and see results.


They embrace the unique challenges of pregnancy and postpartum and still have big goals.

Your body is going through massive changes whether you are pregnant or postpartum, but it doesn’t mean you have to put your long-term fitness and well-being goals on hold. Prenatal and postpartum training is very specialized, so it’s important to have expert guidance and support to make sure you’re creating strength while staying safe.

Everything you need to have a healthy pregnancy, an easier birth, and start your recovery in postpartum in one membership.

Join now for $39 / month

How It Works...

Pick your club

You get access to the Prenatal & Birth Clubs at once and you can choose which club(s) you need to progress through pregnancy → birth → recovery. (Some postpartum moms even love taking a few prenatal classes as a way to ease back into movement!)

Practice on your own

Practice on-demand any time for a pick-me-up. Choose from hundreds of pre-recorded live and filmed classes. 

Involve your partner

In the Birth Club, you'll find a complete
2-hour workshop for you and your partner to learn everything about your birth - from labor positions to breathing guidance and guided meditations.

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About Your Mentors

We are Kendra Fitzgerald and Nicole Coons, sisters in real life, and devoted to your success.

"This is a wonderful holistic program that teaches all the right connections. It is coming from two wonderful women who get it and have no agenda other than sharing their valuable knowledge and supporting other women to feel their best, strongest and most confident. I've felt understood, supported and expertly guided rather than lectured at or judged. A truly empowering experience." - Jenny, NJ

I want this too!! Get me started now!

Our members have positive experiences in pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Ready for your own positive experience too?


“I only pushed 6x for 10 min! Thank YOU for that!! My husband and I were both telling all the nurses it was thanks to you!!! We were singing your praises at the hospital and all the OBs were like “tell EVERY woman you know to do what you did!!” - KC, Montclair, NJ

"Instead of just hoping for the best, I actually trained my mind and body to prepare for birth.  I remember Nicole saying that when you run a marathon you train for many weeks so that you are prepared. Preparing for birth should be similar.” - Jill, Cranford, NJ

“Thank you so much for everything you do for mothers and mothers to be. I learned so much more with my second pregnancy than my first and that’s because I had your guidance. I would never have known about so many things. You helped me train my mind to be ready and accept the process without judgement. Thank you for all you do for us mothers!” - Ruzanna, Cranford, NJ

“Thank you for helping me mentally prepare for the work (i.e., labor) that lies ahead! I look forward to our weekly virtual sessions and seeing your beautiful smile!” - Erin, Jersey City, NJ

“I started with the weekly prenatal yoga classes and felt a lot of my aches and pains go away and also felt more fit. I wasn't sure how to exercise safely on my own after a small abdominal tear early on in the pregnancy, so the prenatal specific classes gave me the confidence to stay fit and safe during the months leading up to the birth. It’s worth investing and committing for yourself, your body, and your baby. ❤️ [This was the] best gift I gave to myself during pregnancy and I am committed to continue caring for myself as both my partner and baby benefit from my well being too.” - Brooke, Basking Ridge, NJ


“[My birth] was great, I felt like I was in control the whole time and I have to thank you, the program and the amount of information and education on the whole process!!! Laboring is a much more complex, personal and out-of-body experience than people really provide context on and I feel so excited and happy to have spent the time learning and getting up to speed on the process. Thank you for your go further with my practice." - Marinela, Cranford, NJ,VBAC mama

“I feel more prepared and more knowledgeable about my options for birth. I also feel more optimistic about the experience in general. The class presented a perspective on birth that is new to me, but very appealing. - Meghan, Cranford, NJ

“I liked learning some techniques for coping even while I’m in the bed and being monitored. It makes me feel like I will have a little more control over my birth experience. Thank you!” - Cranford, NJ 

“Each time I work with Nicole I feel stronger, more supported and clearer with my priorities. Connecting with Nicole reminds me that I can do this, I can do it well, and I can enjoy this experience of pregnancy and birth. People around me are constantly shocked that I am looking forward to giving birth! Nicole is so excellent at what she does!" - Crystal, Italy


“I have good news, I have noticed a huge improvement this past week! I have not been leaking in the afternoons at home at all! This includes bedtime with the kids which is a lot of lifting etc. I haven’t done a long afternoon walk yet but there has been a difference with my morning walks too. I haven’t worn a pad the past couple of days which is the first time in 3 years!!! Thank you!!!!” - Private Client in NJ

“With each week, [Postpartum Repair & Restore] explores a new muscle group that I either didn’t know I had or didn’t realize was so tight and in need of stretching. I’m SO excited to finally feel my core and to understand the canister muscles that define it through breath. My diastasis recti was soft and deep, nearly 3 fingers wide upon starting and after trying to get back to the gym. After a single 6-week series, I could tell it was closing and the sides well-defined. Now after two times through the course, it’s barely a finger width and solid. My breath is deeper and my frozen back muscles have relaxed!” - C. Rule, RN

“I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you for all your help. You have given me my confidence back! I didn’t believe in the beginning that I would come this far and you were always able to push me to keep trying anyway. Since we had our last session my stomach [from Diastasis Recti] has come down tremendously. I still have a little ways to go but I know it can do it. I can’t wait to send you my progression photos for proof that this does work! Hopefully motivation for your future clients.” - RT, NJ

“It has been such a joy to work with you both. You both provide a sanctuary and safe space in which to heal our body. You bring a community and let us join that community without hesitation or qualification. I have felt very much guided in a supportive way. There is no judgement, only pure understanding and support. - Jenny, NJ

What Does the Course Look Like on the Inside?

Bring your biggest goals and deepest desires, and let's get you feeling your best. Here's how:

1. Use the on-demand training modules for guidance and accountability for daily doses of movement, strength training or meditation.

2. Your full access to all of the Birth Club workshops will open up immediately when you begin your membership. Also included in the Birth Club are 5 weeks of practices for the first weeks postpartum to get you started into your recovery.

"Thank you so so much for the training session! It really helped me with remembering how to use my core/pelvic floor, and I love how all of the exercises are targeted to strengthen the muscles that I have to use in daily life. It's embarrassing how winded I get after doing the full workout, but then it helps me remember why I'm exercising." -K. H.

3. Check out your BONUS Foodie Mama Club access! Chock full of menu collection around a theme, plus weekly or monthly meal plans with shopping lists and a meal planning to-do guide. The menus are refreshed each season, helping you stay healthy, vibrant and strong with CLEAN eating, made EASY! 

Ready to get started moving and feeling great TODAY?

Join us now for 7 days for free and start feeling stronger and less achy within ONE day!

I'm IN!!!

Any Questions??

  • How does this compare with streaming fitness apps with prenatal and postpartum workouts?

    Fitness apps with streaming workouts are great for you know exactly what you should and should not be doing at your stage of pregnancy or postpartum. They're also great for you if you don't have any questions about what you're feeling while working out or if you never wonder how to modify something that doesn't feel right. A lot of things shift and change during pregnancy and postpartum, and your exercise form needs to change as well for two reasons: 1) to avoid injury and 2) to build strength and flexibility safely. Our program is extremely interactive, responsive and tailored to the members who are enrolled. This program is like getting an experienced personal trainer, a pregnancy & postpartum corrective exercise specialist, and an experienced pregnancy and postpartum yoga instructor all at your fingertips and supporting you every step of the way. You might take what you learn in our program and apply it to streaming workouts on other platforms and you'll love how empowered you feel when you know how to workout like a pro. :)

  • At what week should I start practicing yoga? (Is 6w / 12w / 14w too early to practice?)

    You can start practicing (with your doctor's agreement) as soon as you feel ready. Fatigue and morning sickness are common in the first few weeks, so listen to your body to know when to begin. In some cases, yoga can help alleviate fatigue and nausea. Once you find out you are pregnant, it's best to avoid hot yoga and strenuous practices that are beyond your normal practice. Accessing the Devoted Mamas Prenatal Yoga practices early in your pregnancy will teach you the building blocks you need for a safe, comfortable and active pregnancy from the beginning.

  • What if I am having / had a c-section? Will the Birth Club information still be useful for me?

    All methods of birthing are honored and welcome in our spaces. If you are planning a c-section, the Prenatal Club practices will keep you connected to your body and baby and you'll gain skill in mindful practices to help you navigate emotions and events. In the Fit Mama Club, you'll benefit from special modules that will guide you on caring for yourself in postpartum and considerations for getting back to exercise.

  • What props do I need for classes?

    While props and equipment can make your classes and practices more comfortable, the classes we offer do not require props/equipment. If you are looking to set yourself up with a few things, a yoga mat, a pair of yoga blocks, a blanket, and a set of weights (3, 5,10, and 15 pounds) are a great place to start. We are happy to recommend some options once you are enrolled.

  • How does Membership work?

    Membership is $39/month. Once your membership activates, you gain access to ALL of our Clubs - Prenatal Club, Birth Club and Foodie Mama club - all included with your $39 monthly subscription. If you need to cancel, unsubscribe before your next renewal date. You will enjoy full access to the Clubs through the end of your paid month.

  • What do I do after the first 5 weeks postpartum?

    After you've completed the Sacred Window practices in the Birth Club and are ready to advance your postpartum routine, schedule a call with us to chat about how we can support you further in postpartum. You can book a call with either of us here!:

  • Have another question?

    Send us an email at concierge (at), and we'll reply personally to your question.