Do you feel like you're destined to live a life of peeing a little when you jump or laugh, hips that feel 'off' and/or a weak core 'because I'm a mom'?

We say no more!!

Whether you are pregnant or had your baby 6 DAYS or 6 YEARS ago, you will undoubtedly feel differently about your core, pelvic floor and energy restoration after taking this course.

Wouldn't it feel great to...

  • ..never fear group exercise classes again.

    You will learn how to work out safely and understand how to modify ANY hardcore bootcamp or gym class so you don't make things worse.

  • ...avoid setbacks.

    You can be certain that the exercises you're doing are not undoing all the hard work you've done in Physical Therapy.

  • your life confidently.

    Jump, lift, run and do your exercise full-out without peeing on yourself a little.

  • ...heal your body and become stronger than you were before pregnancy.

    Resolve the body pains AND fatigue that most women accept as the "price we pay" for motherhood. Mothers are feeling stronger than before they had kids from completing this series.

We get it.

Healing your body can feel like it's going to take forever. And why can't you just figure this out on your own? (We tried, and it took years.)

For Kendra, even though she was a professional personal trainer, yoga teacher and anatomy geek with a decade of experience, she realized quickly after her first baby that postpartum training is ENTIRELY different than your usual fitness training. She discovered that postpartum repair is a SPECIFIC PROCESS. Pre-pregnancy core work was making recovery longer.

For Nicole, normally a very upbeat and active person, the roller coaster of hormones, constant nursing and lack of sleep took an immense toll on her confidence as a new mom. She discovered that restoring vibrancy postpartum was a LOT more than just drinking more water and trying to "sleep when the baby sleeps".

For both of us...A whole lotta questions .... which we spent years finding the answers to.

The great news is in SIX (6) WEEKS you can:

1) Skip the searching, trial and error, and go-it-alone approach. 

2) Learn and integrate into your life a proven step-by-step approach to getting moms feeling strong 

3) Establish deep core strength and feel more energetic.

Through specifically targeted exercises, we begin to reactivate the muscles that have disappeared on you during pregnancy and give you lots of lifestyle shifts that help you continue the work when you're not in class. (Like how to pick up carseats, push strollers over bumpy streets and hold your kids in a way that actually supports your recovery!)

Once you learn these essential mechanics and turn on the right muscles, you can't "unlearn" this. This experience and knowledge will be yours forever, and you will have a solid foundation to go for your highest fitness goals.

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About the Course

Taking you from birth through pelvic floor and core recovery, our Postpartum: Repair method is proven to help you be even stronger than before you had kids.

Originally developed by us (Nicole and Kendra) as an in-person workshop and class, we based the curriculum of this online course on the in-person results we were seeing.

Plus, being online gives you the flexibility to move at your own pace and work around your busy schedule while learning important strengthening and energizing techniques, with guided support!

Course curriculum

  • 1
    MODULE 1: Welcome
    • Welcome!
    • Our Tips for Success
    • Redefining Your Postpartum Journey
    • Do you have Diastasis Recti? (What it Looks Like & How to Tell if You Have it) (3m20s)
    • Quiz: Assess your pelvic floor and core
    • What your assessment score means
    • BONUS PDFs: Trackers & Integrating Core Into Everyday Movements
    • Limited time: Get your Passion Planner!
  • 2
    MODULE 2: Learn how your pelvic floor supports everything else
    • The Pelvic Floor: The "Super-hero" for Full Recovery
    • The Pelvic Floor & How to Find it (Video 5m06s)
    • Bearing Down vs. Releasing the Pelvic Floor (Video 2m10s)
    • Picture it: The Pelvic Floor as a House
    • How-To video: Pelvic Floor "Kegel" Instruction Video (Video 6m04s)
    • Bonus: Tricks to accessing your pelvic floor
  • 3
    MODULE 3: [PRACTICES] Apply your pelvic floor knowledge to these workouts
    • PRACTICE: Pelvic Floor Practice (16:43 min)
    • PRACTICE: Postpartum Yoga Flow Practice (10 min)
    • PRACTICE: Postpartum Yoga Flow Practice Guide PDF (10 Minute Practice)
    • MEDITATION: Return To Wholeness (9min)
  • 4
    MODULE 4: Watch out for these pitfalls along the way! (And what to do instead)
    • Your Whole Body Approach: The Mechanics
    • Exercises to Postpone During the Postpartum Period
    • Progressions for Advanced Exercises
    • How to Know You're Doing Core Work Correctly Video (4m09s)
    • A Note About Prolapse
  • 5
    MODULE 5: Layer on the proper core engagement
    • Now that you've got your base - put a 'canister" on top of it!
    • The Role of the Diaphragm Video (3min26s)
    • The Anatomy of Your Core Video (7m42s)
    • All About the Abdominal Canister Video (7min45s)
  • 6
    MODULE 6: Get all of the muscles firing in the right direction at the same time
    • How-To: Diaphragmatic Breathing Video (1m25s)
    • How-To: Abdominal Canister Break-down Video (8m06s)
  • 7
    MODULE 7: [PRACTICES] Boost your canister coordination so you can add intensity without injury
    • PRACTICE: The Pelvic Floor & Abdominal Canister Complete Practice Video (52min)
    • PRACTICE: The Abdominal Canister Practice Video (20min44s)
    • PRACTICE: The Abdominal Canister Standing Practice (31min13s)
    • MEDITATION: Cultivating the Peaceful Feeling of Balance (7 min)
    • Quiz: Re-assess your pelvic floor and core
  • 8
    MODULE 8: Align your bones to make core & pelvic floor engagement easier!
    • Let's Look at YOUR Posture!
    • The 2-Second Posture Trick
    • Neutral "Stacking" And How Much Does Your Head Weigh?
    • How-To: Do A Posture Assessment
  • 9
    MODULE 9: Learn which upper back muscles need to be strong for a functional core
    • The Anatomy of Your Posture & Upper Back Video (5m06s)
    • Seated Posture & How to Improve Your Pelvic Floor Function All Day Long
  • 10
    MODULE 10: [PRACTICES] Upper back and postural workouts to build strength for your life as a mother
    • PRACTICE: Posture & Upper Back Complete Practice (44m58s)
    • PRACTICE: Standing Posture Practice Video (25min52s)
    • PRACTICE: Upper Back Practice (28min53s)
    • PRACTICE: Upper Back Strengthening Practice #2 (10min)
    • MEDITATION: Cultivating Positivity & Love Within Meditation (18 Min)
    • Quiz: Re-assess your pelvic floor and core
  • 11
    MODULE 11: Learn the fundamentals of core bracing & progression (and never do crunches again!)
    • What is Bracing and Why Do We Need It?
    • Exercise How-to: Ball Squeezes
    • Exercise How-To: The Leg Link
    • Exercise How-To: The Core Saw
    • Exercise How-To: The Arm Challenge
    • Exercise How-To: The Combiner
    • Exercise How-To: The Walker **DISCLAIMER
  • 12
    MODULE 12: [PRACTICES] Practice your bracing skills and take your core engagement to the next level.
    • PRACTICE: Complete Bracing Practice Video (62min)
    • PRACTICE: Abdominal Bracing Practice Sequence (42min)
    • PRACTICE: Standing Bracing Practice Sequence (37min)
    • PRACTICE: Bracing & Plank Practice (23min) **DISCLAIMER
    • MEDITATION: Connecting to Your Strength & Resilience (7 min)
    • Quiz: Re-assess your pelvic floor and core
  • 13
    MODULE 13: Find out if you're ready for squats and how to get started.
    • Are You Ready to Squat? Here's How You Know
    • Pelvic Floor Safe Squatting Technique